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Our team is shaping a brighter tomorrow:

Innovative Solutions in Healthcare, Power, and Infrastructure for Global Progress



  • Royal Park International Hospital. Iraq

    • Private Public Partnership. 2018-2022 (Feasibility Study, Financial Consultant, Development Consultant)

  • Oman American Hospital and Medical Institute. Oman

    • Private Healthcare Developers.  2018-2022 (Co-developer, Financial Consultant, Feasibility Study and Business Plan)

  • Nanjing American International Hospital. China

    • American Global Medical Services. 2018-2020 (Financial Feasibility Study, Financial Consultant)

  • American 50 Bed Health Care Facility. Ukraine

    •  G&K Investments. 2018 (Preliminary Feasibility and Financial Evaluation)

  • Lahore Hospital. Washington Cardiology Institute

    • 2016-2017 (Feasibility Study, Co-Developer, Financial Consultant)

  • Djibouti Hospital, Djibouti

    • McMullan International. 2016-2017 (Feasibility Study, Financial Consultant)

  • Manazel Medical City, UAE

    • Manazel Real Estate. 2015-2016 (Feasibility Study, Financial Consultant, Government Relations)

  • Kingdom Hospital. Jordan

    • Dr. Sarhan. 2015-2016 (Feasibility Study, Financial Consultant)

  • Greenfield Hospital Project Consultation. USA

    • McMullan International. Consultant. 2014-2016 (Feasibility Study, Financial Consultant, Government Relations)

  • Rapid Response Hospital. Libya

    • Carl Edward Vuono and Associates. 2013-2014 (Project Financing Consultant)

  • Advanced Vascular Centers. Corporate Facilities Expansions. USA

    • Advanced Vascular Resources. 2012-2014 (Financial and Growth Consultant) 



  • Advancing Circular Lithium-Ion Battery Manufacturing and Recycling. USA/India

    • Lohum International. 2018-2020 (Financial Consultant, Government Relations)

  • Anaerobic Digestion Power Projects. USA

    • Revolution Energy Resources. 2013-2014 (Development and Financial Consultant)

  • Egyptian General Petroleum Corporation Oil Trading License. Egypt

    • Electronic Warfare Associates. 2012 (Financial Consultant)

  • Corporate Financing of Electric Generating Facility. Brazil

    • 2012 (Development and Financial Consultant)

  • 163 MW Arifwala Power Project. Pakistan

    • Grange Power, Ltd. 2011 (Development and Financial Consultant)

  • Evaluation of Multiple Bio Digester Units for Export Credit Agency Support. Egypt

    • Energy Allied.  2011 (Financial Consultant)

  • 67.5MW EVM Wind Project. Mexico*

    • Electrica del Valle de Mexico. 2009 (Financial Consultant)

  • Wood Fired Power Plant. Virginia. USA

    • Confidential.2008 (Financial Consultant, Government Relations)

  • 50 MW Iowa Windfarm Evaluation. Iowa. USA

    • Jay Cashman and Company, Inc. 2008 (Development and Financial Consultant)

  • 400 MW Faisalabad Power Project. Pakistan

    • 2007-2008 (Development and Financial Consultant)

  • 100 MW Methane Gas Extraction Based Power Plant. Rwanda 

    • Government of Rwanda. 2007-2008 (Initial Development and Financing Analysis)

  • Panama Hydro Power Project Evaluation. Panama

    • Jay Cashman and Associates. 2007 (Development and Financial Consultant)

  • New Mexico Wind Power Evaluation. USA

    • Jay Cashman and Associates. 2007-2008 (Development and Financial Consultant)

  • 400MW Cairo Power Project. Egypt

    • 2007-2009. Joint Bid with CNCEC. (Development and Financial Consultant)

  • 390 MW PIE Power Project. Pakistan

    • 2006-2009 (Development and Financial Consultant)



  • Trans-Guatemala Pipeline Project. TGP, Inc. Guatemala

    • 2019-2022 (Development Consultant, Financial Consultant, Government Relations)

  • Port Said Bunker Fuel Project. Egypt

    • 2013-2014 (Development Consultant, Financial Consultant, Government Relations)

  • Kainji Resources Ltd. Greenfield Refinery. Nigeria 

    • Confidential. (Advised on possibility of USG support and project financing) 

  • International Franchise Facility for Dominos and Subway Brands. China 

    • Dash Brands, Inc. 2012-2013 (Financial Consultant)

  • Bio-Digester Projects. Michigan and Iowa, USA

    • Confidential. 2008 (Development and Financial Consultant, Export Development Canada)

  • Iraq-Syria Pipeline Project Evaluation. Iraq

    • MEDOCO. 2008 (Financial Consultant, Government Relations)

  • Al Noor Cities of Yemen and Djibouti

    • L3 Communications. A&L Underground. 2008 (Development and Financial Consultant)

  • Layya Power/Water Desalination Plant

    • Leading Edge Technologies. 2007 (Development and Financial Consultant)

  • Atyrau Kazakhstan Bunker Facility Expansion. Kazakhstan

    • Confidential. Advised sponsors on possibility of EXIM/OPIC financing support. (Bid support)

  • Damietta Bunker Fuel Project. Egypt

    • Confidential. 2007-2010 (Development and Financial Consultant)

  • Evaluation of Water Filtration Technology (Leading Edge Technologies)

    • Jay Cashman and Associates, Inc. 2006-2007 (Development and Financial Consultant)

  • Iraq Oil Pipeline. Iraq

    • A&L Underground. 2006-2007 (Development and Financial Consultant)

  • Iraqi Oil Services Company. Iraq

    • Hyperion Oil. 2006-2007 (Development and Financial Consultant and Government Relations)

Oman American Hospital and Medical Institute
Wind Farm
Manazel Medical City, UAE
Al Noor Cities Project
Kurdistan Medical City
Solar Farm
New Mexico Wind Power Development
Royal Park Hospital Iraq
Abu Dhabi Hospital, UAE
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